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FAQ - All your questions

Questions about the products

Are the WiFi images of a good quality?
Thanks to the camera's Full HD 1080p sensor and its powerful night vision, it goes without saying that the videos recorded with the MyScutum application are of very high quality.
There are no quality problems when recording via WiFi.
Does the surveillance camera monitor continuously?
Yes, there is a continuous record for a rolling period of 24 hours to 30 days. You can book this service additionally. The video recordings are stored in encrypted form on a secure server in Germany.
Are outdoor cameras suitable for all weather conditions?
Yes. Our outdoor cameras have the IP67 protection class "waterproof". Even in winter, the cameras work up to -30°C.
How can I establish the connection via LAN?
Use a standard network (Ethernet) cable which you connect to the camera. The connection will be established automatically and the camera should be active in your customer area after a few minutes.
Does the dome camera work at night?
The dome camera also works at night and, thanks to its infrared LEDs, it offers images as clear as those recorded during the daytime. Night vision with a range of up to 20 metres allows you to monitor your business or premises around the clock.
Can the video footage be accessed even if it is stolen?
Yes. All recordings are stored in a secure cloud in Germany and can be accessed via their customer area.
How do I establish the connection via WLAN?
There are several ways to connect the camera to your wireless network.
1) Via QR Code
2) Via WPS connection (if your router has it)

Setup questions

Can I instal my surveillance camera myself?
Absolutely. Your HOME Wi-Fi camera is very easy to install with double-sided tape or with the screws that come with the camera.
How can I contact technical support?
There are 2 ways to contact our customer support:

Via e-mail:
By phone: +49 (0) 18050097982
Where should I mount my outdoor camera?
Your outdoor camera can be placed anywhere you like. We recommend a high place near the front door.

Application questions

Can video images be viewed in real time?
Yes, you can monitor your home in real time via the MyScutum application. You can also remotely (de)activate your camera or view older video recordings.
Can I control my camera remotely?
Yes, your outdoor camera can be controlled remotely via the MyScutum application.
You can also activate and deactivate it remotely.
Is it possible to see the images in real time?
Absolutely. Via the MyScutum app, you can access the camera image at any time and watch the action LIVE.
How long are the records (activities) stored?
For private customers, the recordings are backed up for 7 days and can be accessed in the customer area. For business customers, recordings are backed up for 30 days.
Where are the camera's video recordings stored?
The images from your surveillance camera are encrypted and stored on a 100% secure server in Germany.
With MyScutum your data is protected.
Does MyScutum have access to my data?
No. Just like you, your personal data is protected at MyScutum.
It is encrypted and stored on a 100% secure server in Germany.
Can recordings be downloaded?
Yes. You can select the recordings in the logbook and download them there and save them on your device.
Can several people access the cameras?
You can create a guest account in your customer area. You can individually adapt this to which cameras/services access should be possible.