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Outdoor Camera

The ideal solution for any outdoor area. No matter whether business properties, car parks or private property - the camera makes it possible to monitor these areas wirelessly in HD 1080p quality.
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Night vision
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wireless & LAN
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Outdoor areas always in view

MyScutum's networked outdoor camera allows you to sleep soundly. Intruders are detected before they’ve even had time to enter your premises, property or home.

Thanks to its waterproofing (IP67 protection rating), the camera can monitor and secure your outdoor area in any weather and, thanks to its intelligent motion detector, it records video evidence of unusual events.
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What is a surveillance camera used for

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How do our surveillance cameras work?

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How are the surveillance cameras installed?

By using surveillance cameras, you can watch in real time what is happening in any location. Thanks to the ability to connect wirelessly, you can discreetly protect your business or home from intruders. The built-in motion detector with artificial intelligence allows the camera to record video evidence when it detects unusual motion or noise in the visible field of view.

Furthermore, all our cameras have a night vision mode (up to 30 m) which, thanks to advanced infrared technology, allows high quality video recording in the dark.


Your surveillance camera is connected to your smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet or computer via our MyScutum application.

When the camera detects a suspicious event, the connected camera sends you an alert (push notification) directly from the application so that you can view and review the recorded video evidence.

All of our surveillance cameras have a very wide viewing angle, ideal for monitoring an entire room. Full HD video quality and powerful night vision mode deliver razor-sharp images day and night.

The Home, Pro & Moov indoor cameras feature a microphone and loudspeaker for direct interaction with family members in need of care, for example.

Furthermore, it has an integrated siren, which can be activated in the event of an intruder - paragraph - If you are not sure which model is suitable for your application, please fill out our online request form and a security expert will recommend the right model for you.

Installation of all MyScutum surveillance cameras takes only 3 minutes. Depending on the location you choose, you may need to use double-sided tape or the screws provided.  We recommend the use of double-sided adhesive tape for flat surfaces. However, if you are mounting the camera on a wall or ceiling, we recommend using the supplied screws, a drill and a screwdriver.

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For private individuals
Protect your home
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The perfect all-round peace-of-mind package for your secure home. Monitor your home or rental property at any time and in real time remotely via our app.
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For business customers
Protect your business
from € 25.95 / month
An all-in-one solution for the security of your company. Monitor your office, premises or property remotely at any time and in real time via our app.
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Technical features - Outdoor camera

Camera size (W x D x H)
85 x 70 x 165 mm
Minimal illuminance
Black / white: 0 lux with
Infrared LED
Focal length of the lens
2,8 mm, F1,8
Video resolution
Up to 1080p
1920 x 1080 up to 30 fps
1080 x 720 up to 30 fps
640 x 480 up to 30 fps
320 x 240 up to 30 fps
135 °
Night vision
Up to 30 meter
wireless & LAN
microphone, 16x digital zoom

Safety in all weathers

  • Monitor outdoor areas at all times

    Our smart outdoor camera protects your business property or private property even when you are not there (24/7 active). Outside of business hours, you can be notified of unusual events via the MyScutum app.
  • Evidence in case of theft

    Our smart outdoor camera protects your business property or private property even when you are not there (24/7 active). Outside of business hours, you can be notified of unusual events via the MyScutum app.
  • Artificial intelligence in the outdoor area

    If your home or business is broken into, your outdoor camera will give you the evidence you need to identify burglars. In fact, as soon as the camera detects motion or an unusual noise, it triggers and records 30 seconds of video evidence that is automatically stored in the cloud. You can view this evidence in your MyScutum application.

Frequently asked questions about the outdoor camera

Are the WiFi images of a good quality?
Thanks to the camera's Full HD 1080p sensor and its powerful night vision, it goes without saying that the videos recorded with the MyScutum application are of very high quality. There are no quality problems when recording via WiFi.
Does the dome camera work at night?
The dome camera also works at night and, thanks to its infrared LEDs, it offers images as clear as those recorded during the daytime. Night vision with a range of up to 20 metres allows you to monitor your business or premises around the clock.
Does the surveillance camera monitor continuously?
Yes, there is a continuous record for a rolling period of 24 hours to 30 days. You can book this service additionally. The video recordings are stored in encrypted form on a secure server in Germany.
Are outdoor cameras suitable for all weather conditions?
Yes. Our outdoor cameras have the IP67 protection class "waterproof". Even in winter, the cameras work up to -30°C.

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