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Video surveillance, individually customisable according to your needs

Professional video protection of your company at any time via the MyScutum app. Setting up and controlling the cameras is child's play using a smartphone, tablet or PC.
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Contract period: 24 months, notice period: 3 months (Conditions), Automatic contract renewal: 1 month. All prices incl. VAT and plus shipping costs. Free shipping for orders of € 100 or more. The general shipping costs can be found at Shipping and delivery.

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How many areas do you want to monitor?

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Reviews from our customers

Philipp 31 years - self-employed

Very simple operation and great service when setting up the cameras for our business premises. A great solution especially for our warehouse.

Luca 28 years - designer of e-mobility

Since I have the MOOV surveillance camera, I can see what is happening in my apartment from anywhere. Setting up was quick and easy. I am happy!

Steffen 31 years - buyer

We can finally ensure that our goods are professionally monitored. Good advice and great support.

So funktioniert die Fernüberwachung der neuen Generation

Das drahtlose Alarmsystem erkennt ein ungewöhnliches Ereignis : Ein Video wird aufgezeichnet, die Innensirene wird ausgelöst und ein Videoalarm von zu Hause wird an das Überwachungszentrum gesendet
Die Überwachungsstation verarbeitet den Alarm und sieht sich das Video an, um die Ursache der Auslösung zu ermitteln
Die Überwachungsstation ruft Sie an, um Sie über Ereignisse auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Sie können das Warnvideo in Ihrem Logbuch anzeigen. Nicht erreichbar? Das Zentrum ruft Ihre sekundären Kontakte an
Wenn das Eindringen nachgewiesen ist, kontaktiert das Überwachungszentrum die Polizei unter einer Prioritätsnummer, um maximale Reaktionsfähigkeit zu erzielen
Im Falle eines Einbruchs oder im Zweifelsfall wird ein Wachmann zu Ihnen nach Hause geschickt, um Ihre Unterkunft zu überprüfen, und im Falle eines Einbruchs werden die Räumlichkeiten 8 Stunden lang bewacht.

Your questions about the camera application

Are the WiFi images of good quality?
Of course, the videos recorded with the MyScutum application are of very good quality thanks to the camera's Full HD 1080p sensor and its powerful night vision.
There are no quality problems when recording via WiFi.
Can the video material also be accessed in the event of theft?
Naturally. All recordings are stored in a secure cloud in Germany and can be accessed via your customer area.
Can records be downloaded?
Yes. You can select the recordings in the logbook and download them there and save them on your device.
Does the surveillance camera monitor continuously?
Yes, there is continuous recording for a sliding period of 24 hours to 30 days. You can also book this service. The video recordings are encrypted and stored on a secure server in Germany.
Can video images be viewed in real time?
Yes, you can monitor your home in real time through the MyScutum application.
You can also (de) activate your camera remotely or view older video recordings.